In a change to the usual writers here on PickyBs, today we have the daughter of site and podcast regular Lisa Whiteman reviewing an album us lot know nothing about. We will let Amy introduce herself and the album below:

Hello, I’m Amy, age 10. I’m from Newport and I’m here to give my thoughts on the new BTS album Proof. But first, who are BTS exactly? BTS are by far the most popular K-Pop (Korean Pop) group. In Korean hangul BTS is 방탄소년단 (bangtansonyeondan), the members are Kim Namjoon (RM), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Taehyung (V – my Mums’ favourite) & Jeon JungKook (Jungkook – my favourite).

In the album Proof there are 3 CD’s each of them unique in their own way.

CD 1 is mainly their journey from June 13th 2013 – June 10th 2022. So, I’m going to select my top 5 favourite songs from each CD and talk you through its history.

CD 1

  1. Born Singer – The song ‘Born Singer’ came out as one of the new songs on Proof . It begins with a strong start from JungKook followed by V. ‘Born Singer’ is the first song on CD 1.
  2. Boy In Luv – ‘Boy In Luv’ is one of my favourite songs on the 2014 album Skool Luv Affair. The song came out on 11 February 2014, and hit a whopping 409,613,933 views on YouTube!
  3. RUN – ‘Run’ is from the album The Most Beautiful Moment Pt.2 as track number 2. ‘RUN’ came out on 30 November 2015 and it is said that about 99% of people liked the song.
  4. Butter – In 2021 ‘Butter’ had been selected as the Record Of The Year by the US magazine Variety but has been performed at the Grammys and AMA’s. You may have heard ‘Butter’ but if you haven’t I recommend listening to it. ‘Butter’ has a very catchy rhythm that makes you want to dance.
  5. Yet To Come – ‘Yet To Come’ is probably the most popular new BTS song from Proof . In the music video it contains items used in different music videos.

My mum says ‘On’ is a complete banger but it’s not one of my faves. Well they are all faves but it’s less fave.

CD 2

  1. Moon – The song ‘Moon’ is just sung by Jin. It came out in 2020 in the album Map Of The Soul: 7. ‘Moon’ is like those kinds of songs that make you want to sing along or dance.
  2. Trivia 轉: Seesaw – ‘Trivia 轉: Seesaw is sang by Suga. It came out on 24 August 2018 in the album Love Yourself: Answer. Not gonna lie, ‘Trivia 轉: Seesaw’ is quite sad in my opinion.
  3. Friends – ‘Friends’ is a song just by Jimin and V. ‘Friends’ is from the same album as ‘Moon’. About 90% of the song gives you happy vibes but near the end it gets a bit emotional.
  4. 0:00 ( Zero O’ Clock ) – ‘0:00’ is a song sung just by the vocalists ( Jungkook, V, Jimin & Jin ). 0:00 is probably my third favourite BTS song. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just a really good song.
  5. Dimple – ‘Dimple’ is by far the best BTS song ever ( in my opinion ). It came out on 18 September 2017 as part of the album Love Yourself: Her but also came out on the 24 August 2018 in Love Yourself: Answer and now again in Proof!

CD 3

  1. Jump (Demo Ver) – This new version of ‘Jump’ is just RM and Suga’s part from the original, no changes, just the same song. But when I listen to the normal song I don’t pay attention to this part so this version gives me a chance to.
  2. Boy In Luv (Demo Ver) – This sounds the exact same just at the beginning there was a slight echo. It was weird hearing their voices sound different to when it did in 2014.
  3. Young Forever (Demo Ver) – Honestly it sounds completely different but I enjoyed it. RM made it sound really different! I wouldn’t believe it was actually a demo version of ‘Young Forever’.
  4. Still With You (Acapella) –  Still with you is just Jungkook. I really enjoyed this version. It is just the same song with no music but it’s really good!
  5. For Youth – For Youth begins with BTS fans singing ‘Young Forever’ and then goes into a really emotional BTS song and it’s just really lovely to hear. ‘For Youth’ is another new song on Proof.

An extra song :

  • Run BTS – ‘Run BTS’ is the last song on this review and another new one. It starts off with sort of a street dance song but becomes quite pop-like. I really like it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 favourite songs from each CD! You can check out the other songs anywhere. Now, you may scroll down to see the full tracklists!

Words by Amy Faller-Whiteman