Women of the Decade Playlist

Back in October, I wrote a think piece about women in the music industry over the last decade and some trends I had noticed. As a man, I was slightly nervous about this. I wanted to point out that women have been dominating music over the last few years, but I wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t patronising and, you know, mansplainy…

I hope I did okay.

The reaction the article got suggests that I did. Although, if I’m honest, it was mainly from men…

Anyway. One of them men suggested we made a collaborative playlist, celebrating the women who have made so much amazing music since 2010. So we did. Several writers from the site contributed and we’d now like to not only share that playlist with you, but also ask for your additions.

But first some rules:

  1. Add no more than 15 songs
  2. Feel free to add an artist that somebody else has, but please try to avoid the same songs
  3. Only use each artist once in your own list
  4. Make sure the songs are by women or bands fronted by women, and that they’re from the last decade (obvs)

Okay, have at it…

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