REVIEW: Courteeners – More. Again. Forever.

This is precisely what I imagine would happen if you allowed Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds to breed with Kasabian: The Complacent Years. Genetically modified electro-indie toss.

I’ve just checked and I’m three songs in, couldn’t tell any difference between what were tracks one to three.  What had Liam Fray been doing the last ten years? Painting and decorating? Stick to it. In fact, quote me for the hall, stairs, and landing.

Part way through and the record company have almost guaranteed they wont break even by bringing in a strings section. First line ‘I still miss you’. Fucking please…

Seriously, I’m a grown up. I don’t have to sit here and listen to this. Its toss. Utter twee Manc strut-by-numbers lo-fi crap. I’m sure they’ll do some festivals etc and no-one will care until Not Nineteen Forever.

No More. Never Again. Done.

Words by Lisa Whiteman

One response to “REVIEW: Courteeners – More. Again. Forever.”

  1. jerryc2000 Avatar

    I love this review, I love the passion, but I’m strangely inclined to seek out this “Utter twee Manc strut-by-numbers lo-fi crap”, which to me sounds wonderful. I enjoy your writing. More please.


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