TOP TEN: Sweary Songs


James, Fran and Matt have put together a list of the best sweary songs, like, fucking ever. Put them on really loud and sing along.

10. Fuck Tha Police – N.W.A.

“Fuck the police coming straight from the underground”
A song that became an anthem for riots when it was released, and has a sentiment that still rings out today.

9. This is the New Shit – Marilyn Manson

“Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit?”
His ‘new shit’ sounded much like the rest of his shit. Ravings of an edge lord. That said it made my teenage self listen.

8. 212 – Azealia Banks

“I guess that cunt gettin eaten”
Probably the most danceable, yet aggressive song about oral sex.

7. Fuck the Pain Away – Peaches

“Fuck the pain away”
I can only think about the Mighty Boosh when I hear this song. A gyrating Gorilla cupping their ape-boobs really sticks in the memory.

6. Fuck you – Dr Dre

“I just wanna fuck you”
If I’d discovered this song as an older, more politically aware, person I would have probably found it nauseating. But I discovered it at 16 and found its graphically honest account of sex with a married woman really rather hilarious. Don’t listen to this with your parents.

5. I Just Don’t Give a Fuck – Eminem

“I just don’t give a fuck”
Swearing was probably the least offensive thing Eminem did on his debut. But this song summed up everything he was about, sticking two fingers up at his fucked up past and those who would hate him for his future success. It’s a sweary anthem for the ages.

4. Homecoming – Teenagers

“I fucked my American cunt”
It’s hard not to laugh at the two characters in this song – the clueless girl and the dickhead boy. But they both get what they want, and, all they deserve.

3. Killing In The Name Of – Rage Against The Machine

“Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”
At Reading Festival in 2003 we followed a guy around who was dressed as Jesus. His following grew until it attracted the attention of security. We screamed this song at them like the 17 year old small town rebels we weren’t. Then a massive black truck appeared from nowhere and Jesus was bundled into the back. It was like ancient Jerusalem with warm cans of Stella and the inescapable odour of burning plastic.

2. Yes It’s Fucking Political – Skunk Anansie

“Yes it’s fucking political, everything’s political”
This song will never not be relevant.

1. Running The World – Jarvis Cocker

“Cunts are still running the world”
Sadly it seems like this song will also never not be relevant.
Words by Matt Paul, Fran Slater and James Spearing
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