TOP TEN: Best (And Worst) Sports Music


Go Sportsball! Hit that thing with that stick. Ride that bendy pole thing to the top of a different pole. Kick the ball into the net thing. Go team! Are we a sports website yet? Of course not, but given the madness of the Euros, Wimbledon, the F1 and any day now ‘The Olympics games that should have taken place last year so let’s just call it 2020 and see if anyone notices’, now is the time to get involved.

This is a music website though and, of course, we had to dive into some of the best music that either barely had anything to do with the sport in question, or way too much for our liking. Here’s some of the best and some of the worst moments where music and sport collided.

The Best

One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston – 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

Not even the main official song, this was released on a compilation album for the Seoul games and has gone on to become probably the definitive Olympic Games song. Ridiculously over the top, Whitney is absolutely GOING for it and I for one am here for it. Give me this over a montage of people crossing the finish line and I am ready for the Olympics.

The Worst

Survival – Muse – 2012 London Olympic Games

Words can’t accurately describe what is going on in this song. Did Matt Bellamy fall on the console when they were recording this absolute mess? Do you think they thought this was their Queen ‘moment’? Oh lord.

The Best

World In Motion – New Order – 1990 FIFA World Cup

Yes, England fans are hardly going to be listening to this right now, the wounds are still sore, but this is by far the most listenable song about Football. Pure turn of the decade 80s meets 90s bliss in its chorus, with the only enjoyable live performance from a football player to make the top spot on the charts. A tune.

The Worst

We Are The People – Martin Garrix (Featuring Bono & The Edge) – 2020 Euros

Yes. There was an official song for the Euros this year. No I never want to have to listen to it again. This is so painfully on the nose, no wonder the other two from U2 didn’t want to join their bandmates on this.

The Best

Oceania – Björk – 2004 Athens Olympic Games

I imagine lots of people would count this in the worst pile, it’s described by Björk as ‘written at the ocean’s point of view’, which hardly seems relevant for the Olympic Games, but this still sounds so intriguing and utterly bonkers. Supposedly she was asked by the IOC to create a kind of ‘Ebony and Ivory’ or ‘We Are The World’ kind of song and THIS is what she gave them. Iconic behaviour.

The Worst

Chariots of Fire – Vangelis – Every Bloody Olympic Advert or Presentation Ever

This is definitely a personal choice as a ‘worst’ but as someone who is obsessive in how much they love the Olympics, the use of this track on every single piece of coverage sends me mad. During London 2012 especially they used to play it throughout the entire medal ceremony and pump it from speakers in the Olympic grounds. Just play something else…

The Best

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) – Shakira (Featuring Freshlyground) – 2010 FIFA World Cup

While the CocaCola sponsored song ‘Wavin’ Flag’ by K’Naan become the bigger 2010 World Cup track here in the UK, everywhere else this undeniable anthem from Shakira was absolutely massive. It remains a sort of ‘ultimate football anthem’ for me, right down to it closing Shakira and J-Lo’s half-time performance at that other ‘football’ game. An all time classic.

The Worst

Shout – Shout For England (Featuring James Cordon & Dizzee Rascal) – 2010 FIFA World Cup

Meanwhile in the UK we had to suffer through James Cordon singing along to a Tears For Fears song while Dizzee rapped about the England team. A low, even for England fans that this was a #1 hit.

The Best

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac – BBC Formula 1 Coverage

A song that genuinely may never have become known alongside sport is now probably more recognisable as ‘The F1’ than ‘The Chain’. Of course, the instrumental guitar section of The Chain is not only a great theme tune but this is a absolute belter of a song. I’d even say it’s the best Fleetwood Mac record.

The One I Couldn’t Dare To Compare To The Others Because It Is That Iconic

Grandstand – Keith Mansfield – Grandstand

Just hit play and thank me a minute from now…

Words by Sam Atkins.

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