TOP TEN – Winter songs that have nothing to do with Christmas


Run the Jewels – walking in the snow

‘Just got done walking in the snow / goddam that motherfucker’s cold’

They got cold and now they’re pissed off. About quite a lot of things.

Bat for Lashes – Winter Fields

‘Hurtling through heavy snow / our hands are cold and the moon sets low’

Natasha’s keen sense for a dramatic narrative is hard at work here. A simple childhood memory of a snowy field, observed on a journey, is elevated far beyond itself with accompanying mimetic strings.

Laura Marling – Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)

‘Winter was on us / at the end of my nose / and I’ll never love England more than when covered in snow’

What? You thought we wouldn’t mention this one? Go away and do some Picky Bastards revision. One of Laura’s best.

Martin Harley Band – Winter Coat

‘My old winter coat / is big enough for you and me both’

I’ve always enjoyed the cosy image of a cold companion being gathered up inside an enormous coat, before being hastened off to a fireside somewhere to enjoy a drink that warms the body, and the soul.

Miike Snow – Sans Soleil

‘Without sun we pull what’s feeds us / from the heat that’s in between us’

Double points on this one as the name of the artist contains the word ‘snow’,
and ‘sans soleil’ means without sun.

Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain

‘I can’t stand the rain / against my window / bringing back sweet memories

Using and abusing this one to moan about very British winter weather conditions. Sure, Ann is sad about a past relationship, but I bet it wasn’t also horizontal and freezing.

The White Stripes – In The Cold, Cold Night

‘You will know that it’s warm inside / And you’ll come run to me / in the cold, cold night’

Yep it’s the one where they let Meg have a go at singing. She can’t. But it does set the mood perfectly, hinting at a southern gothic tale of a mysterious woman who holds unexplained power over others in the hours of darkness.

Madonna – Frozen

‘How can life be what you want it to be / you’re frozen / when your heart’s not open’

Still terrified of Madonna from this video. SHE’S MADE OF CROWS.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

‘I was following the pack / all swaddled in their coats / with scarves of red round their throats’

The cuteness of the description of the pack, contrasts starkly against the image of the snow turned red as strawberries, presumably from blood. Who knows what it’s about, but a lovely tune nonetheless.

Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter

‘Walk out to winter / swear I’ll be there’

The jolly jangly guitar doesn’t sound wintry at all. That’s ok though, it simply means you can listen to this brilliant song any time of year.

Words by James Spearing.

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