Picky Bastards Episode 50 – The Albums We Should Have Covered But Didn’t

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Can you believe we’ve been blathering on for 50 episodes of the miserable music podcast? We can’t. To celebrate half a century, we  look back at some of the albums we should have covered but didn’t in the five years we’ve been putting our poison into your earholes. We discuss releases from Cardi B, Bartees Strange, Ibeyi, Nilufer Yanya, Ibibio Sound Machine, Lizzo, Jay Z, Caroline Polachek, and Rosalia. Come and celebrate with us.

We’ve also just launched our very own Kofi page at ko-fi.com/pickybastards. If you’ve been listening for 50 episodes, or  even just for 5, and fancy chucking us a couple of quid for running costs then please do. It would be much appreciated.

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