The Eurovision 2022 round up at least one person asked for…


Eurovision is back again and by popular demand (one tweet from editor James counts as ‘popular demand’ right?) I’m here to run through some of the most exciting, baffling and earworm inducing songs from the upcoming contest. After last year’s monumental win from the now ridiculously popular Måneskin, this year is as chaotic as you’d ever want it to be. Who’s in the running for Eurovision 2022 in Turin?

Stefania – Kalush Orchestra – Ukraine

I’m kicking things off with the way out in front odds on favourite with the bookies. You don’t need me to explain why bookmakers think Europe are going to be voting for them this year, but Ukraine have been extremely consistent for ages so that definitely helps too. Some controversy with the original entrant meant this was the second choice to represent them too, while one of the band won’t be at the show as they have chosen to stay and fight on the front line. I do quite like the song, Kalush Orchestra have an amazing energy performing this so I could fully understand a landslide victory next weekend.

Hold Me Closer – Cornelia Jakobs – Sweden

I watched Melodifestivalen for the very first time this year – the Sweden selection mega competition for anyone who isn’t Eurovision obsessed like me – a show so popular and long it takes places across multiple weeks at multiple arenas before a winner is decided. This song from Cornelia Jakobs hooked me immediately. There’s something so simple about Hold Me Closer and the way Cornelia performs it so as always I expect Sweden will be doing very well this year. If anyone can win against Ukraine it’s them.

Halo – LUM!X Feat. Pia Maria – Austria

I think someone on the Austrian delegation has been listening to a lot of Dua Lipa recently. This is what most would describe as a bop.

Brividi – Mahmood & BLANCO – Italy

The hosts this year may seem to have taken a big turn from last year’s winners Måneskin with this heartfelt hip-hop tinged ballad, but Brividi has the same immediacy and relevant sound that did well for them. Mahmood actually came 2nd back in 2019 with the absolute belter Soldi, so it’s strange to see him back so soon. I really really like this though, it’s sort of like a Kid LAROI song but done by someone who can sing. One of the songs from this year’s contest that sounds like a current worldwide hit (Which it basically is already).

Intention – Intelligent Music Project – Bulgaria

Of course if Italy aren’t rocking out themselves, then you best believe that plenty of other countries are. There’s at least 6 ‘Rock Band’ entries and this from Intelligent Music Project from Bulgaria is one of the most baffling of them all. This is the most Dad of all Dad rock I can possibly think of and there’s a strong chance they won’t make it out of the semi final with this.

Give That Wolf a Banana – Subwoolfer – Norway

I have heard the song from Subwoolfer a few times now, but I have only just experienced this music video. I feel like I’m hallucinating in the way only Eurovision can offer. I really hope the live performance of Give That Wolf A Banana captures this level of chaotic energy because this is an instant joy. ‘Not sure you have a name so I will call you Keith’?! Absolute gold.

Eat Your Salad – Citi Zēni – Latvia

‘Instead of meat I eat veggies and pussy’ may not be a song lyric anyone expects to hear at Eurovision (the band definitely won’t sing it on the night, but I bet the live audience will) but it opens this song about being more eco-friendly. This features another chorus I can’t seem to shift from my head, so maybe Citi Zēni have done more to make me consider my carbon footprint than the British government have of late?

Jezebel – The Rasmus – Finland

Yes, this is the same band who did that song In The Shadows back in 2003. Finland are the leaders of bringing Rock to Eurovision, they came 5th last year with the Nu-Metal song Dark Side, so this really should be no surprise to anyone. Jezebel is a pretty bad song though, so this probably won’t do as well.

SPACE MAN – Sam Ryder – United Kingdom

There’s still a few days to go until Eurovision kicks off for real this year, but right now the general feeling is that Sam Ryder could do QUITE WELL at Eurovision this year. The song is great, it’s instantly memorable and bloody hell this guy can sing. My feeling is one of genuine confidence for the first time in years, not in getting points in the end (Eurovision voting is a wild and unpredictable beast) but that the UK don’t have to be nervous about the live performance for once. So many years I’ve crossed my fingers that it stays together and I’m now here thinking, this Sam guy can perform and is clearly having the time of his life. He’s ‘massive on Tik-Tok’ which sounds like a euphemism for something, but here it’s genuinely the truth, so maybe… just maybe a left side of the board finish is in reach again.

Words by Sam Atkins.

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