What are we listening to for Episode 56?

You can still listen to Episode 55 of the podcast on all your favourite podcast apps.

But us bastards are getting ready for Episode 56, delving into more music that we’re likely to totally disagree on.

As always, we’ll be discussing four new releases and one classic album before one of the bastards introduces an act that they love in our Why I Love segment. No special guests this time, just your three regular boring bastards, with Sam taking on hosting duties

This month’s recent releases are from E L U C I D, MUNA, HERCULES, (sorry got carried away with all the capital letters there, ahem) Hercules & Love Affair and TV Priest and the classic is from k.d. lang (interestingly not with capital letters). Sam will then tell us why he loves George Michael’s Older.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify and don’t forget to give it a follow so you can be the first to know what we’ll be covering in the future:

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