TOP TEN: Running Songs

I’m training for a half marathon in October. So right now the majority of my music listening is based on my nearly seven hour long running playlist. Some people run to their regular tunes, others to podcasts. Not me. I need high tempo and high energy. As a result it’s a reasonably eclectic mix featuring Belgian techno, old skool jungle and some trashy but fun remixes. More often not it’s drum and bass with some sort of soul vocal sample. Here’s a selection of ten of my favourites, in no particular order. Give them a blast – maybe they’ll help you go further or faster too.

Kelly Lee Owens – Jeanette (Haider remix)

Didn’t think the best song of 2020 could get better? Haider is here to prove you wrong with a healthy dose of his South Yorkshire bassline background.

High Contrast – If We Ever

No artist features on my running playlist more heavily than High Contrast. It was tough to pick just one. After an unreasonably lengthy decision making process, I went for the one that has the disgusting combination of piano break and jungle beat. Somehow it works.

Digitalism – Blitz

Some French electro house to break up the drum and bass beats

Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter

Starts slow, but gives you a chance for a little break. Worth the wait for when the beat comes in and a burst of energy when you need it.

Chase & Status – Take Me Away

This one is absurdly fast and has polyrhythms to confuse your legs as they steadfastly stick their repeated one-two of left, right, left, right.

Sub Focus – Desire (with Dimension)

Easily the trashiest tune on this list. Would never consider listening to this in any other context. But here it does the trick, and does so perfectly.

Chris Lorenzo and The Streets – Take Me As I Am

Mike Skinner sounds like he’s got a sore throat. Filthy bass that gets you scrunching your nose and waving your gun hands around mid-run.

Ikara Colt – Here We Go Again

A total outlier in this list (it has guitars!) but that bass intro and the frantic drums are unparalleled.

Disclosure – Stimulation

The phrase ‘does what it says on the tin’ is really fucking boring, but very true here. 

London Elektricity – Remember the Future

The lyrics have lots of reminders about time slipping away and not waiting. So it makes you go faster. Maybe.

Words by James Spearing

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